Exchanging Your Comfort Layer

Sleep For 30 Nights

Then adjust to your perfect firmness.

We ship all of our mattresses at medium firmness to set a baseline for your Comfort Layer. Our philosophy is that if after 30 nights of sleep, you would like your Mend mattress softer or firmer, we will be happy to send out a replacement Comfort Layer, at no charge.

How do exchanges work?

Sleep on your Mend mattress for 30 nights

Determine if you need a softer or more supportive Comfort Layer.

We also offer a split comfort layer to provide two different levels of support on the same mattress (Queen, King, and Cal King only). 

Complete the form below and let us know what firmness level you prefer, or how you would like it split. 

A new Comfort Layer will be shipped directly to you!  

Switching Your Comfort Layer

Just "Zip, Switch, Zip!"


Unzip your mattress completely and remove the top layers of foam. 

Place the new comfort layer on top of your mattress, white side up, and carefully remove the outer sleeve.

Center the new comfort layer with the white piece of foam on top.

**If you request a split comfort layer, place the correct firmness on the appropriate side of the bed. 

Zip your mattress back up. That's it!

We suggest that you keep the comfort layer you removed, this makes for a great extra mattress when you have guests.

If you would like to discard it, we would really encourage you to donate it to an organization of your choice.

Exchange Your Comfort Layer