Our Story

Our story began with a casual conversation, as Founder, Jonathan Walker, vacationed with his wife and friends in Charleston, SC. 

Searching alongside his wife for a new mattress, Jonathan was intrigued by the changes eCommerce was bringing on the mattress industry. He enveloped himself in research, and was surprised by the flaws he found within the online mattress space. Mattresses generally slept hot, had no edge support, and provided no options for adjusting firmness. Pairing these findings with what he already knew from working in the mattress business in college, Jonathan and his wife, set out to create a brand new mattress that addressed these customer concerns when purchasing a mattress online. 

With the best materials and technology on the market, seven prototypes were created before finalizing the perfect one for Mend.  They designed a mattress with great edge support that allows the consumer to adjust the mattress’s firmness level through a comfort layer insert, giving customers the opportunity to choose the perfect level for them. It also features a top layer crafted with Emana fabric that uses infrared technology to transform body heat into improved blood circulation, and is scientifically proven to improve skin elasticity, reduce muscle fatigue, and improve sports performance. 

Because we spend a third of our lives on our mattresses, we believe they should be more than a place to recharge and relax - they are where we Mend

Seeing Sleep Differently

Why We Don't Offer A Sleep Trial

Today, most online mattress companies offer a 100-night "sleep trial" for their product, allowing you to return the mattress if you're not satisfied. Sounds like a pretty great satisfaction guarantee, right? But, do you know what happens to that mattress after you return it? In many cases, it ends up in a landfill or a warehouse.


Because foam mattresses can't be easily slipped back into their shipping boxes after expansion, you as a consumer have the option to either dispose of the mattress or donate it. While we commend the donation option, this process can be a hassle for you. According to an article by a New York Times journalist, many companies dispatch 1-800-Got-Junk to dispose of mattresses, rather than finding an organization to which to donate the ones that have never been slept on. And, many non-profit groups may not accept your mattress for concern of bedbugs.


We believe that by making our mattress customizable, you should never even have the desire to return it. So, not only are you satisfied, but the environment is protected. And that’s a win-win for us.