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Don't Just Sleep, Mend.

The customizable mattress.

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The Mend Mattress

Our flagship product, created to provide you with customized comfort.

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What Dreams Are Made Of

Crafted for Restful Sleep

Edge Support

Edge Support



Sleep Neutral

Sleep Neutral

The Customizable Difference

Change your firmness level, even after you've slept on it.

  • 3 Firmness Levels

    Every mattress ships with a medium comfort layer insert. After 30 days of recommended sleep testing, you have the option of swapping it out for a firmer or softer comfort layer.

  • Spring-Foam Technology

    Our mattress utilizes the most advanced spring technology to provide you with firming support, but pillowtop comfort. 

  • At-Home Delivery

    Enjoy free shipping straight to your door! 

  • Personal Comfort Layers

    Our mattress was created with the option to have two different comfort layer firmness levels for you and your partner, but still with a seamless top feel. 

  • Zip, Switch, Zip

    Swapping out your comfort layer is as easy as, "Zip, Switch, Zip". 

  • Never In A Landfill

    We don't offer a 100-night sleep trial because unlike other companies that take your old mattress and throw it in a landfill, ours can be customized for you. 

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Don't Just Sleep, Mend.

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